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– Name of the myth: The Caleuche

– Meaning of the name: it comes from the Mapudungun word kalewtun or caleutun, which means to transform or change state, and the word che, which means people or person.

– Description: the Caleuche is a ghost ship. Its deck is always full of lights and party music.

– Region: province of Chiloe (Region of los Lagos), made up by the Greater Island of Chiloe and 40 different-sized islands.

– Origin of the myth: it is said to be an adaptation of the European legend of the Ghost Ship or Flying Dutchman. Some also believe it is based on true facts, like the disappearance of Dutch ship El Calanche; the mysterious vanishings of Spanish expeditions in the straight of Magellan or the arrival of Dutch corsairs to Chiloe. Finally, another theory states that the myth was made-up to cover the bootlegging operations performed on the island.

– Lesson: an obedient person will reap the benefits of their discipline. On the other hand, disobedience brings bad consequences.

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