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With his arrival, the influence of liberal economics began, which meant that banking laws were passed and customs fees were reduced. In 1856 he published the comparative examination of customs fees and legislation in Chile. In 1863, Courcelle-Seneuil left Chile and went to France. At this place he became a defender of Chile in Europe and helped get loans when the government asked him to do so. In retribution, he was granted a perpetual income.

In 1870, he became member of the French Council of State, and in early 1882, he entered the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences. He passed away in Paris on June 28th of that same year. In 1840 he earned the acknowledgement of French intellectuals when he edited Le credit et le banque. In addition, he collaborated in dictionaries like the Political and the Pagnese and in the Political Economics dictionary.

This last work earned him an appointment as a member of the Society of Economists of Paris, participating in the editing of the economists’ newspaper and the Nouvelle Revue and Les Temps newspapers.

He arrived to Chile in 1855 after the government of Manuel Montt offered him a contract to teach a class about Political Economics at the Universidad de Chile and a position as advisor to the Ministry of Treasury. He was born in the town of Venxains (France) on December 22nd, 1813. He studied at the Real de Poitiers school in his home town, and then he coursed Law in Paris, obtaining the degree of lawyer in 1836.

During his college years he wrote his first book, Lettres a Edouard sur las revolutions, and became interested in the study of political economics, writing several articles on the subject in Parisian newspapers like La Republique, La Reforme and Le National.

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