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1.- Which historical periods make up Mayan civilization?

a) Formative, pre-classical and classical
b) Formative, classical and post-classical
c) Classical, formative and post-classical
d) Pre-classical and classical

Correct response: b

2.- What was Incan economy based on?

a) Agriculture and grazing
b) Agriculture and gathering
c) Gathering and hunting
d) Hunting and grazing

Correct response: a

3.- Which civilization lived at the north of Chile, from the Loa river to the saltpan of Atacama?

a) El Molle
b) Diaguit
c) Atacameño
d) Mapuche

Correct response: c

4.- What were the constructions the Diaguita lived in like?

a) They lived in rectangular dwellings with stone foundations.
b) Their houses were small and in the middle of the forest.
c) They were huts grouped in small villages, made of branches, mud and straw.
d) They were made of wood, branches and mud.

Correct response: c


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