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 It is bounded to the north by Egypt; by the Red Sea to the northeast; by Eritrea and Ethiopia to the east; by Libya, Chad and the Central African Republic to the west; and by the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda and Kenya to the south.
The territory is divided into three geographical areas: the north, where the Nubian, Libya and Sahara deserts lie; the centre, where the semi-arid Sahel savannah is located; and the south, which has large swamps and tropical rainforests. In the centre west of the country, the Nuba mountains can be found, and on the border with Uganda Mount Kinyeti rises (3,187 meters above sea level), Sudan’s highest peak. The climate is arid in the north and tropical in the south.
The Sudanese population mainly lives along the narrow coastal strip and the along the banks of the Nile, and is made up of two ethnic groups: the Arabs and the Nilotic peoples (Dinka, Nuer, etc.).
The main economic activity is agriculture, and the main crops are: sugar, cotton, millet, rice, potatoes, sesame, etc.

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