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Legend says that in a cave in Salamanca, where the art of witchcraft is learned, there live the souls of dead warlocks. They grant powers to those who are starting out in this black art. The cave has several entrances that are guarded by large snakes.

This spot is also used to worship Satan, hold black masses and receive the confessions of witches and warlocks. Only religious words or the sign of the cross can quickly put an end to an assembly, and when the cock crows, the warlocks return to their homes by shimmying up the chimney, creeping out a keyhole or slivering through some crack.

Every now and then, the cave hosts parties where warlock masters are in attendance. They dine with gold and silver cutlery and not a single piece can be removed from the lair, or else it will become worthless once it reaches the outside. Stories are told of a warlock who once invited a young man to the cave while there was a party going on. When no one was looking, he hid a silver spoon in his pocket.

At that very moment, he saw a girl approaching, blacked-out and woke up in the town square. He quickly felt his pocket in search of the stolen silverware, but all he came up with was a worthless marble, like the ones children play with.

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