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Life cycle

– During the first stages of the life cycle, people are commonly referred to a newborns and toddlers.
– The first stage goes from birth until the child is 28 days old, and the second stage goes from 28 days old until two years old.

What are people called during the first stages of their life cycle?
How long do each of those stages last?

Adolescence and adulthood

– During adolescence, a series of physical and hormonal changes take place, especially the development of the sex organs.
– Adulthood is accompanied by an overall sense of wellbeing that allows us to make important work, sentimental and family decisions.

Which organs especially develop during adolescence?
What kind of important decisions can adults make?

Old age

– During old age, arteries accumulate high amounts of cholesterol, which can cause cardiovascular accidents, like heart attacks or thromboses. 
– Height and body size are reduced due to the contraction of the spine.
What kind of cardiovascular accidents can be caused by cholesterol?
Why do we become shorter and smaller during old age?