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The energy crisis, a global problem
– Among the principal energy sources used worldwide are natural gas and oil. – The Middle East contains the world’s main reserves of oil and natural gas. – The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries groups together the most important fuel producing countries.

Chile, energy outlook
– The Interconnected Systems of the Great North, the Central Region, Aysén and Magallanes are the four that supply electricity to our entire country. – Much of the natural gas that we use is imported from Argentina.

Energy alternatives
– Energy sources of natural origin are called biofuels, the most well-known being biodiesel and ethanol. – Hydrogen can be used as an energy source, based on combustion processes.

Energy efficiency
– Energy efficiency refers to rational and optimal use and consumption of energy resources. – Since 1994 our country has developed an energy efficiency program. – Energy efficiency labeling consists in assigning a label to each electrical appliance with the real energy consumption of each product.