Octavo Básico

The discovery of Chile

On July 3rd, 1535, Diego de Almagro left Cuzco accompanied by 50 men in search of riches. He bordered lake Titicaca, and along the way hundreds of soldiers joined him. He passed through Tupiza and Chicoana and crossed the Andes around present day Copiapo. He had arrived to the land that would later be known with the name of Chile.


What you should know about sustainable development

Sustainable development corresponds to the efficient, equitable and environmentally responsible use of all scarce resources, whether they are natural, human or economic, satisfying the needs of current generations without compromising the possibilities of future generations.


What you should know about pollution

Pollution is defined as the transfer of pollutants or toxic gases into the air, soil and water, and also the presence of microbial germs that come from the waste products of different human activities.


The black continent

Its northern limit is the Mediterranean Sea; to the south it faces the meeting of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans; it overlooks the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. 

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