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Our country is located in the Southeastern part of the American continent. Its is one of the southernmost localization, while its continental length reaches 4.300 kmts, creating a wide variety of climates and, thus, of landscapes.

ts tri -continental condition translates in that the Chilean State exercises sovereignty upon three territories located in three continents. This is how continental Chile, located in South America, is sited between the west latitude 17°30’and 56°30’ and is aligned around the west longitude 70°. Its maximum width is located in the south latitude 52°21’, in the Magellan Strait and reaches the 445 km, while its minimum width, it can be found in the south latitude 31°37’, between Punta Amolanas and Casa de Piedra, reaching only 90 km.

The portion of our country called islanding Chile is conformed by the Archipelago Juan Fernandes, the Oceanic Islands San Felix and San Ambrosio, Salas y Gomez and Isla de Pascua (Eastern Island). This latter one is about almost 3.700 km from the continent, forming thus, part of Oceania.

Finally, after the signing of the Antarctic Treaty in 1959, Chile exercises sovereignty upon a portion of Antarctica which is the major territorial extension of our country, reaching 1.250.000 km2 and corresponds to a triangular projection of continental Chile towards the South Pole. Located exactly between west longitude 53° and 90° and the south latitude 60° and 90°.

In total, the surface of our country, considering the three portions of the American, Insular and Antarctic territories, reaches 2.006.629 km2. If drawing a line from the boundary with Peru to the South Pole, this reaches the 8.000 km.

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