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Male genitals can be affected by different types of infections. The most common ones are caused by blows (mainly to the testicles and penis), sexually transmitted diseases and infections of the urinary pathways.

Varicocele: inflammation of the scrotum caused by varicose veins obstructing normal blood flow. It is not harmful, but in some cases it can injure the testicles or diminish sperm production.

Hydrocele: an accumulation of liquid in the scrotum. It happens when the tube that descends from the abdomen to the scrotum doesn’t fully close, causing peritoneal fluid to flow into the tube, which brings on swelling and pain.

Testicle cancer: it is a disorder caused by the development of malignant cells in the tissue of one or both testicles. The main causes behind this affliction are cryptorchidism (testicles that don’t drop from the abdomen), exposure to chemical products, and the papillomavirus, among others.

Epididymitis: inflammation of the epididymis usually caused by a bacterial infection that affects the urinary tract, urethra and prostate.

Orchitis: inflammation of one or both testicles usually caused by viral or bacterial infections.

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