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Our body has always been described as a miracle of nature or an amazing machine, but these descriptions do not even come close to describe how truly extraordinary and complex it is.
We are able to breathe, nourish  ourselves, think, perceive, feel and reproduce.  Only by understanding better these processes and the many more we perform through out our lives can we comprehend how truly complex, versatile and exceptional our organism is.
That is why in this Encyclopedia of the Human Body we are going to take a great journey of exploration and knowledge.  In the 21 chapters of our collection you will find explanations of the principle structures and functions of each part of the body, identifications of the principle tissues, organs and systems and discover  how they work alone and collectively.
We will start getting to know the building block of life: the cell.  Then in each chapter go through the different corporal systems and examine the structures with which we relate with the environment, the senses.  Also, we are going to get inside the fascinating miracle of reproduction, the means by which men and women perpetuate the human race.  Finally we are going to see the growth of a person and their distinct processes and characteristics, from birth to infancy, puberty, adulthood and finally old age.

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