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– Description: it is a perverse creature, part bird part reptile. It has the head of a rooster with a red comb and the tail of a serpent. It is born from a small, round white-grayish egg that is known as a lloilloi (lloy lloy) egg or a lloe egg, which was laid and sat on by an old hen or a red rooster.

– Area: the Chiloe archipelago (Region of Los Lagos) is made up by the Greater Island of Chiloe and 40 other islands and islets.

– Powers: at night, it lets out a hypnotizing song that keeps people from waking up as the Basilisco sucks their saliva, blood or breath. Victims slowly lose the will to eat; they get sick and ultimately die.

– Origins: it is said the legend came about by mixing the Greek myth of the Basilisk (a creature that kills with its stare) with the mapuche myth of the Colo Colo.

– Moral or lesson: it is important to be aware of dangerous situations that threaten the family, and when helpless people are in danger, one must be ready to help out in a timely manner.

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