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– Description: it is an enchanted city surrounded by walls and moats. Supposedly, it has luxurious temples and palaces, countless avenues, towers and forts made of gold and silver.

– Region: uncertain. Allegedly, it is located between two hills and next to a lake in the Andes mountains, in the southern part of Chile.

– Inhabitants: they are tall, white and bearded. They dress in capes and feathered hats and use silver weapons.

– Powers: in this city, no one is born and no one dies, and nothing can match the happiness of the city’s residents.

– Origin: the origins lie in four independent stories. The travels of Francisco Cesar, The Incan Mitimaes, The Spanish castaways of Patagonia and the banished from Valdivia, Villarrica and Osorno. Over the years, these tales became one single story. The tale says that the settlement put together by the Spanish castaways took some features from a rich Incan city and their inhabitants were called Caesars.

– Moral or lesson: not all stories are true; that’s why you have to be careful not to believe in them, because it can lead to disgrace.

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