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There is another condition that makes the appearance of this phenomenon almost impossible in our territory.  It is related to the temperature of the waters that bathe the Chilean coasts.  As we already noted, one of the indispensable factors for the rise of a hurricane in oceanic waters is that their temperature be equal to or above 27ºC.

The coasts of our country are dominated by the presence of the Humboldt current (a marine current coming from the Antarctic zone), which chills the waters of the Chilean coasts.  According to records, the temperature of the Pacific oceans reaches 20ºC only in Arica, a number quite far from that necessary to produce a hurricane.

Another of the factors that explain the absence of this phenomenon in our country is the presence of the Pacific subtropical anticyclone (a high pressure sector), which prevents cloud formation in the middle and high levels of the atmosphere (its action prevents humidity from appearing above 1,200 meters above sea level).

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