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He was born on March 1st, 1793, in Santiago. His parents were Juan Egaña Risco and Victoria Fabres Gonzalez. He studied Law at the Real Universidad de San Felipe, becoming a lawyer on February 6th, 1811.

Just like his father, he was a supporter of the revolutionary cause. Between April of 1813 and March of 1814, he was secretary of the Interior in the Government Junta.

After the disaster of Rancagua, in 1814, he was arrested and taken to Juan Fernandez island, from where he returned in 1817. The following year, he was a member of the Junta Extraordinaria de Hacienda (Treasury Extraordinary Junta) and then he worked in the Cabildo.

In 1823, after the abdication of Bernardo O’Higgins, the Junta named him provisional minister of the Interior, Foreign Relations and of the Navy. The next year he was named plenipotentiary minister in England, and as such, he achieved this country’s acknowledgement regarding the Independence of Chile. In 1829 he was a prosecutor of the Supreme Court. He was a senator from 1831 to 1846.

In 1833, he actively participated in the convention that discussed and drafted the new Constitution, which was promulgated on May 25th of that same year.

During the government of Joaquin Prieto, he was minister of Justice, Cult and Public Instruction and subrogate minister of the Interior and Foreign Relations.

He passed away in Santiago on June 24th, 1846.

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