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1.- What institutions for colonial administration could be found in Spain?

a) The Royal Audience and the House of Trade
b) The House of Trade and the Cabildo
c) The House of Trade and the Council of the Indies.
d) The Royal Audience and the Cabildo

Correct response: c

2.- Chronologically, what periods can be distinguished within the Arauco War?

a) guerra ofensiva, guerra defensiva, guerra ofensiva y parlamentos.
b) guerra ofensiva, maloca, malones y guerra defensiva.
c) guerra defensiva, guerra ofensiva, parlamentos y guerra defensiva.
d) malocas, parlamentos, guerra defensiva y guerra ofensiva.

Correct response: a

3.- What system was implemented for regulating trade between Spain and its colonies?

a) system of fl eets
b) system of privateers and galleons
c) system of fl eets and galleons
d) system of galleons and contraband

Correct response: c

4.- What ethnic origin did the zambos have?

a) they were children of Spaniards and black people
b) they were children of indigenous and black people
c) they were children of Spaniards and indigenous people
d) they were children of mulattos and Spaniards.

Correct response: b

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