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The universal concept of Constitution is defined as the fundamental law of the judicial ordering, in charge of organizing the State and its forms of government. Also, establishes the attributions and the boundaries of the performance of the three public powers. And, as well,, establishes the duties and guarantees of each person.

Five parts can be distinguished in the Constitution’s general structure.

Preamble: includes the background information and the reasons by which the constituent power is established in the Constitution.
Dogmatic Part: delivers the values and basic principles, constitutional rights and guarantees.
Organic Part: fixes the States´ judicial form, the form and organization of the government and the Executive, Legislative and Judicial powers.
Procedure for the reformation of the Constitution: it establishes the organs, methods and quorum for the modifications.
Transitory Dispositions: are those with a due date, that may be classified as follows:

Kinds of Constitutions

There are different kinds of constitutions in the world that can be classified as follows:

Accordingly with the form: they can be written or unwritten or consuetudinary The first is contended in a sole written document and promulgated, and the second, meantime, is that in which the whole or part of its content is not included in a  single written and  promulgated text, but, in various.

Accordingly to the degree of facility with which they may be modified.
. Rigid: are those that establish  complexz errands and formalities for their modification.
. Semi-rigid: they establish special procedures for their modification, thou of a relatively simple compliment.
. Flexible: are those that are modified easily

Accordingly with their extension: they can be briefs, summarized or extended and developed. The first are those limited to regulate the most fundamental aspects of the political organization. The seconds contains the most detailed and meticulous.

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