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The creation of the State Protected Wild Areas has the objective of conserving the integrity of the ecosystems included in each of them. However, there are more specific ends, which are related to the natural resources present there and the use they will receive.

Among these ends we find the following:

– Conserve an area of a unique nature or one that is representative of the country’s ecological diversity, or sectors that house animals or plants or relevant geological formations, in order to allow education, recreation or investigation and to ensure the continuity of an assortment of processes typical of an ecosystemic dynamic (migrations, the evolutionary process of species, etc.).
– Maintain and improve the populations of wild plant and animal species, placing special emphasis on the ones that have conservation problems.
– Preserve the reproductive capability of soils and improve the ones that present some degree of degradation.
– Maintain and improve the natural hydrological systems (water courses).
– Safeguard the natural scenic resources and the cultural elements that are present within natural environments.

State Protected Wild Areas

National Parks
National Reserves
Natural Monuments
Other categories

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