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At the end of the XVIII in Concepcion, there lived three sisters, known as the three Pascualas. Since they usually did laundry together at a lagoon close to their home, it was common to see them hard at work.

One afternoon, a group of women found their corpses floating in the water. What had happened? Stories say the sisters all fell in love with the same man. He seduced them and then he left them. In a moment of despair, they decided to end their lives and flung themselves into the water. Unexplainably, a huge whirlpool formed and the water began to overflow in fury. When everything went back to normal, the lagoon now had the shape of a quarter moon.

Since then, locals say that on some nights you can see the three Pascualas doing laundry.  

Another version of the legend says that a traveler had arrived to spend the night at the home they shared with their father. The man fell in love with all three girls, and each one of them loved him back in secret. However, he couldn’t decide which of three to pick, so he agreed to meet with them at the lagoon on the night of San Juan (Saint John). He waited for them sitting in a boat, and when he saw their reflection he started to yell, Pascuala! …Pascuala! …Pascuala! Each of them thought they were the chosen one and they waded into the lagoon and drowned. Since then, it is said that on the night of San Juan, a boat appears in the lagoon and you can hear a desperate voice calling out to the girls.

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