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It is of great importance that blood flow easily, reaching every nook and cranny of our body.

Blood carries out this function by flowing through the conduits or blood vessels, which form a route with many detours. They are like pipes of different size and length through which blood moves, depositing nutrients and the oxygen required by the body on its way.

The journey begins with the strong impulse exerted by the heart. It acts as a pump, pushing blood with its endless heartbeats, . This makes blood flow through all of the blood conduits, arteries, veins and capillaries. Each one has a structure specially suited to its function.

Arteries have the thickest walls and oxygen-rich blood flows within them. Veins are thinner and carry the bloodstream back to the heart.

Capillaries are very thin vessels with thin walls and their mission is to connect veins with arteries.

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