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Everything around us is related to energy. Not only a simple paper windmill needs the propulsion wind grants it to spin, but all the electrical appliances that exist in your home depend on an intricate system of generation and distribution; means of transportation need the energy provided by fuels to move and even the hot water you shower with each morning is generated from the combustion that produces and transmits caloric energy.

We could successively name the processes the different resources are involved in that cover our energy needs, but more than knowing their origin, presently it is vital to use each of them efficiently.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if the energy sources began to run out? Just remember what happens when the power goes out. Your house is dark, everyday appliances (television, computer, water heater, among others) cannot be used and vehicular traffic would probably collapse because traffic lights can’t direct traffic. If all of this happens with a simple blackout, it is unthinkable then, to live a normal life without a correct general supply of energy.

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