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Chile is a country rich in myths and legends, for, throughout the country, many places have their own stories, which have been handed down generation to generation.
According to Oreste Plath, a researcher of popular Chilean traditions, myths are “narrations that describe and portray the basic elements and assumptions of a culture. In addition, they provide knowledge of the life of men in past times and the interpretation of their thoughts and actions”.
This means that mythical narration explains the reasons human beings attributed to natural phenomena, the origins of which they could not figure out. For example, how the world began, how human beings and animals were created and how certain customs, rites or the way they perform activities originated.
Legends, according to Plath, respond to «the stimuli of nature around us, which might have a reason, they might hide the truth, they could be related to geography or a historical event or perhaps with something that, once repeated and exaggerated, becomes part of folkloric heritage«.
This type of tale can be spoken or written and with a higher or lower proportion of imaginative elements than myths.

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