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This zone stands out for having a warm template climate with some variations as a result of the latitude increase and the decrease of height. There are four kinds of climate:

Warm climate: is located at the littoral and at the western part of the Coastal ranges.  Due to the moderating action of the sea, its temperatures are very even. Because of the nearness of the ocean, the dry season is long, although there is a high relative humidity (more than 89%).

Warm template: is given at the intermediate depression up to the Coastal ranges western zone, The dry season, which is very hot, lasts for six months. Winter has very intense periods of coldness and precipitations are, mainly, between June and August.

Template: this prevails at the pre Andean zone where the dry season lasts from four to five months. There are fewer precipitations at the Ranges but there are frequent winter and spring frosts limiting farming possibilities.

Template-cold: is given at the Andes Ranges high areas which are located at the western fringe. Due to the heights, there are strong snowstorms, spring frosts and abundant rainfalls (1.700 to 1.800 mm yearly) during winter.

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