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Energy resources are the group of means countries use to try and meet their energy needs (the population’s everyday lives, the operation of industries, etc.).

Energy is the sustenance of every economy and the undeniable motor that drives a great part of human activities. It has gained force since the Industrial Revolution.

Although programs that seek to gradually replace non-renewable energy for others that have an unlimited lifetime have been developed in the last few decades, most countries greatly depend on two sources: natural gas and oil.
Natural gas is one of the most used energy sources worldwide, as it represents nearly one fourth of the planet’s consumption of energy, and its main uses are aimed at generating electricity, as a fuel for some vehicles, domestic and industrial uses. Although it has a fossil origin, the same as oil, it is considered a clean and safe energy source.

The main deposits of this fuel are located in the Middle East (taking up nearly 40% of the world’s total), Russia and other European countries, but it possible to find it in every continent. In addition, according to estimates, the present resources would be enough for another 60 or 70 years (at the current rate of production and consumption) and it is also certain that are gas deposits that have yet to be exploited.

Oil is another of the energy sources that moves the world. Although its use is highly questioned from an environmental point of view (the gasses it emits into the atmosphere are harmful), oil acquired an unheard of importance in the XX century. The spreading of industries, the appearance of the automobile as a means of transportation and even its use as jet fuel makes it one of the most vital energy sources for the economic development of any nation.

It has been foreseen that the demand for oil will grow at a rate of almost 2% a year from here to 2025, going from 80 to 118 million barrels a day.

This is a great challenge, not only for countries that are big producers, but also for those that generate the vital resource at a smaller scale.

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